Saturday, 8 September 2012


A couple of weeks ago I went to a wedding for a very good family friend, the wedding was supposed to be a summer wedding in the middle of August, the wedding was still in the middle of August just it was more like a winter wedding, meaning that it just kept raining and raining and raining all day and only stopped for about 30 minuets in which it was a mad rush to get all the photos taken. But thankfully the rest of the day was a massive success here are some photos of the day:
Just before...

Just after.
 Table placement.
 Bride and groom at the head table.
   Me and my sisters with the bride.

We were all given a glass off champagne to enjoy after our fabulous meal and during the speeches.

my twin sister, our friend and me
The cake was very simple but very classy and elegant, it went with the colour of the wedding which was a teal green, it also went with the theme which was butterfly's as you can see from the tag on my champagne glass and the table placements. At the wedding there was also a chocolate fountain, poker table and a sweet stall, the best thing about the sweet stall was the fact that all the sweet were free!!!

What I'm wearing:
Maxi dress: river island
Wedges: Amazon
Cardigan: not to sure had it forever.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Body shop

I recently took a trip to the local body shop in my town, with my mum in search of some new cleansing items due to the fact that some of my previous items had run out. Anyway, we were pleasantly surprised to find a new tea tree skin care range in the shop, and so we went and bought a few bits and pieces. As most of you know tea tree is very good for your skin and also smells really good.

We bought (from left) tea tree blackhead ex foliating wash-£5.50 tea tree foaming cleanser-£7.00 tea tree night lotion-£8.00 tea tree skin clearing lotion-£7.00 and tea tree oil -£6.50. These items smell lovely and also make my face look cleaner a clearer than before. So I really suggest if you suffer from a spot prone skin to try these products out.

As you can tell not every cleansing item is there such as gel cleanser and toner, this is because I still have some of these items left from my previous cleansing set.

Due to the fact that we spent over a certain amount of money we had a free gift worth £21.00!!! We were given free mascara, a free pencil eye-liner and free cream eye make-up remover.
I haven't yet tried the eye-liner or eye make-up remover, but I have tried the mascara which was a bit disappointing, because I found it to be very clumpy and it kind of made my eyelashes look  all pushed together which did not look nice at all. However a friend of mine says that the body shop cream eye-make remover feels nice on the skin so I look forward to using that.