Sunday, 30 December 2012

Best of 2012 TAG!

This tag sounded really interesting and I thought I should share with you my best beauty, fashion and random things about 2012. I wasn't tagged to this, but I thought why not give it ago:

(photo from Google)

1. Face product- This is so typical but I am going to have to say the collection 2000 concealer  I have repurchased this item many times and I don't see myself stopping any time soon.
2. Cheek product- The product I have been using most this year on my cheeks is dandelion by benefit. This is a brighting face powder but I tend to use it on my cheek bones to add a glow to my face. 
3. Eye product- This is definitely got to be a mascara, because I look dead without any on, and my favourite one has to be maybelline 'the falsies volume express mascara'. 
4. Lip Product- this is something I received for Christmas this year but it is definitely something that I will be using for a long time and that is the body shops watermelon lip balm, I absolutely love the smell of this it's so nice.
5. Skincare Product St Ives blemish fighting facial scrub - this stuff is amazing it leaves your skin so soft.
6. Nail Polish-This isn't a nail colour it's a base coat and it's the 'natural nail' base coat form O.P.I, before using this I always used a cheap one from drug stores that would leave my nails all yellow after removing the nail vanish (that's not a pretty sight-trust me), but now my nails look like normal healthy nails which is what you want when you take you're nail varnish off. 
7. Hair product- I had a lot of trouble this year with dry and dull hair, so I went on the hunt for a hair product to help with this problem and I found the body shop's 'grapeseed glossing serum'. This is literally the best thing ever, my hair now feels really nice and soft and looks a lot healthier.
8. Body product/Perfume- my favorite perfume for 2012 was a perfume from Jack Wills called 'hope cove'. It comes in a roller ball which is so handy when you go to school.

9. Clothing piece- I love JUMPERS- I wear them all year round (thin ones in the summer).
10. Accessory- My big chunky knit scarf form jack wills - it's a good statement piece.
11. Pair of shoes- Brown compact boots - they go with so much.

12. Favorite TV Show/Movie - Pitch perfect - Best Movie ever, it's so funny. 
13. Favorite book - Harry Potter I read them over and over.
14. Food- all food.
15. BeverageRaspberry and orange fruit cooler from Coster
16. Favorite song- Little things, beneath your beautiful and all of Ed Sheeran's songs.

If you would like to have a go at this tag, I would love to see your post or just leave a comment telling me your best things about 2012.