Sunday, 30 December 2012

Best of 2012 TAG!

This tag sounded really interesting and I thought I should share with you my best beauty, fashion and random things about 2012. I wasn't tagged to this, but I thought why not give it ago:

(photo from Google)

1. Face product- This is so typical but I am going to have to say the collection 2000 concealer  I have repurchased this item many times and I don't see myself stopping any time soon.
2. Cheek product- The product I have been using most this year on my cheeks is dandelion by benefit. This is a brighting face powder but I tend to use it on my cheek bones to add a glow to my face. 
3. Eye product- This is definitely got to be a mascara, because I look dead without any on, and my favourite one has to be maybelline 'the falsies volume express mascara'. 
4. Lip Product- this is something I received for Christmas this year but it is definitely something that I will be using for a long time and that is the body shops watermelon lip balm, I absolutely love the smell of this it's so nice.
5. Skincare Product St Ives blemish fighting facial scrub - this stuff is amazing it leaves your skin so soft.
6. Nail Polish-This isn't a nail colour it's a base coat and it's the 'natural nail' base coat form O.P.I, before using this I always used a cheap one from drug stores that would leave my nails all yellow after removing the nail vanish (that's not a pretty sight-trust me), but now my nails look like normal healthy nails which is what you want when you take you're nail varnish off. 
7. Hair product- I had a lot of trouble this year with dry and dull hair, so I went on the hunt for a hair product to help with this problem and I found the body shop's 'grapeseed glossing serum'. This is literally the best thing ever, my hair now feels really nice and soft and looks a lot healthier.
8. Body product/Perfume- my favorite perfume for 2012 was a perfume from Jack Wills called 'hope cove'. It comes in a roller ball which is so handy when you go to school.

9. Clothing piece- I love JUMPERS- I wear them all year round (thin ones in the summer).
10. Accessory- My big chunky knit scarf form jack wills - it's a good statement piece.
11. Pair of shoes- Brown compact boots - they go with so much.

12. Favorite TV Show/Movie - Pitch perfect - Best Movie ever, it's so funny. 
13. Favorite book - Harry Potter I read them over and over.
14. Food- all food.
15. BeverageRaspberry and orange fruit cooler from Coster
16. Favorite song- Little things, beneath your beautiful and all of Ed Sheeran's songs.

If you would like to have a go at this tag, I would love to see your post or just leave a comment telling me your best things about 2012.


Sunday, 25 November 2012

I went shopping..... again!!!

So as you can probably tell by the title I have got another little collective haul for you guys, there's not as much stuff this time round but I thought I might as well share it with you guys anyway.
This is an over view of the whole Haul:

To start with then I'll show you what I got on-line from Urban Outfitters. The main reason I bought these things was because they are in the sale and on top of that urban outfitters was having 20% of everything including the sale and free delivery, so of course I took advantage and bought these £70.00 pair of bright pink neon jeans for £8.00 and this grunge shirt for £8.00 instead of £42.00, so as you can see I snatched up some pretty good deals.

Here are a couple of things from Matalan, I've never really shopped in Matalan but recently I have been loving it, firstly I bought a pair of corduroy jeans in a lovely hunter green colour (perfect for the Christmas months), secondly I bought a plain grey hi-lo top for £8.00 and lastly I bought these fingerless gloves which are really handy.

The last clothing Item in this haul is a staple and these are a pair of black jeans, mine are from Primark and they are £11.00.

Now on to the non-clothing items in this post first of all I bought this iPhone case from eBay and it was 99p, secondly I bought a bath bomb from lush and this one is called 'Golden wonder', the next item is a bit of a laugh for the Christmas season and I bought this from home bargains for £1.99 and finally the last item in this haul is a magazine that I get every month and this month is the Christmas issue which is really exciting. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my little haul and I hope you all had a nice Sunday, thanks for reading xx

Monday, 19 November 2012


As you guys can probably tell today's post is a bit of a different one to the normal Fashion/beauty  post that I do, but I thought I would share with you a little invention of mine. As it's becoming a lot colder in the UK at the moment I tend to have quite a few hot chocolates in the week and I found myself getting a bit bored of the old plain hot chocolate, so I decided I would create my very own little hot chocolate. I personally love nutella but I feel that any chocolate spread would work with this recipe. 

Here is a step by step guide on how to create this beautiful treat:
Here is what you'll need:

Wiped cream, a cup of milk, a saucepan , Your favourite hot chocolate (mines the galaxy one), a mug of your choice, nutella (of course), mini marshmallows and two tea spoons. 

Step 1: warm the milk until hot, but not to hot.

Step 2: while the milk is warming up, coat the bottom of your cup with about two table spoon of Nutella.

Step 3: When the milk has warmed up put about four tea spoons of your hot chocolate and stir well until all the hot chocolate has dissolved, and carry on warming the milk until boiling.

Step 4: When the milk is boiling pour into your cup and stir a lot so all the nutella is mixed in. 

Step 5: Next it's time to decorate with marshmallows and whipped cream, and then after that just sit back and enjoy this yummy hot chocolate.

How you all had a nice day :)

How good does this look???? 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

OOTD: Dupe disco pants...

As you can probably tell by the title of this post this outfit is featuring a great dupe to the american apparel disco pants, I know this is a very cliche blog post, but this one is different, all the other blog post's that I have read on dupes cost around the  £30.00 mark , whereas these ones are from Matalan and were only £12.00, which to be honest is an absolute bargain  so if you are like me and haven't really got the money to go out and spend £74.00 on a pair I suggest  buying these as a tester. I wore them for the first time today and I love them so much.

They have also got all the features of the real american apparel ones, they are high waisted, and they also have two pockets on the back and are really flattering. 

This is how I styled them today....

I'm wearing.....
Coat- Jack wills last Christmas
Jumper- Primark £12.00 last year
Disco pants- Matalan £12.00 (link at the end)
Shoes- my cosy ugg boots from UGG Australia
Please excuse the Pudsey bear badge on my jumper, I bought it today and forgot to take it off.

I also have these pants in purple, but I think I'm going to have to build the courage up to wear them. 
These disco pants have such an amazing feeling to them and I would suggest them to anyone, here is the link to where you can buy them:,brand

Hope you all had a nice day 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Autumn Wishlist

Autumn Wishlist

So today I thought I would do my first ever monthly wishlist. I had a lot of fun making this post, even though I will probably never own a bit of this. 

Burberry Bag -Burberry, Vanessa Bruno sequin sweater -Venessa Bruno, Purple sequin converse -Converse, tartan scarf - Asos, Melbury cape -Jack wills, Chance Chanel - Chanel, Velvet slipper shoes -Boohoo, Nixon headphones -Nixon, Velvet skirt -Romwe, Flower purse -pier 1,  NARS Andy Warhol-Eyeshadow Palette - NARS.

Hope you liked it xx

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I've been shopping.

I recently took a trip up to cardiff with my friends for a day out shopping, and I bought a couple of things, nothing too extravagant but enough to fulfill my need to shop. A lot of this stuff is from primark so I didn't do too much damage.

Here is an over view of what i bought:

First stop was Primark:

I bought this nice beanie firstly because it's getting colder and closer to winter and plus it look really cute on. I especially like it, because if you're having a bad hair day this beanie will be essential. This was only £3.00.

I also bought this headband from Primark, it's really cute on and it was only £2.00.

This back was also another bargain from Primark for £6.00, what I love about this bag is the little suede circles on the design, I think it makes the bag look a lot more expensive than what it is.

This is the last thing from Primark and is my favorite buy of the day, and it's just a lovely sheer shirt with nice autumn/winter colors on the print and what makes this buy even better is the fact that I found it in the sale section of primark for just a fiver.

Next stop was Topshop where I bought the following things: 

This headband was a bit of a splurge, it cost £8.50, but I love it. It looks really cute on either with a messy bun or even with your hair down.This is also one of my favourite items of the whole shop.

The last thing I bought in Topshop are these 'heavy weight' leggings, I bought these purely because it's getting colder and lets face it black legging go with pretty much anything.

We also took a trip into River Island, and I only bought one thing, which trust me is not normal.

This necklace was in the sale from seven pounds to three, and I thought that it looked really cool so I bought it!

Now moving onto more beauty related things, first stop was T.K.Maxx which isn't a normal stop for me but I was told by my mum that they always have good deals on nail varnishes, and they did so I picked up this set for only £7.99. The set is by the brand color club, and the collection is called Alter ego keep it under cover. the colors are called Alter Ego (i think it's the pink one, but it doesn't say on the bottle), Secret Agent (the matte purple), Total Mystery (metallic brown),Allais(one on the far right), Ulterior Motive(shiny purple) , Masquerading(matte blue) and a top coat.

Secondly we stopped in boots and I bought a new foundation which I am very happy with at the moment but I will have to use it for a bit longer so I can review it for you.

Lastly, when we were in the train station we went into W.H.Smith and i bought this book, because it sounded good and the cover was cool, so far I've only read the first chapter and I'm very pleased with it.

Hope you all have a nice day!


Saturday, 8 September 2012


A couple of weeks ago I went to a wedding for a very good family friend, the wedding was supposed to be a summer wedding in the middle of August, the wedding was still in the middle of August just it was more like a winter wedding, meaning that it just kept raining and raining and raining all day and only stopped for about 30 minuets in which it was a mad rush to get all the photos taken. But thankfully the rest of the day was a massive success here are some photos of the day:
Just before...

Just after.
 Table placement.
 Bride and groom at the head table.
   Me and my sisters with the bride.

We were all given a glass off champagne to enjoy after our fabulous meal and during the speeches.

my twin sister, our friend and me
The cake was very simple but very classy and elegant, it went with the colour of the wedding which was a teal green, it also went with the theme which was butterfly's as you can see from the tag on my champagne glass and the table placements. At the wedding there was also a chocolate fountain, poker table and a sweet stall, the best thing about the sweet stall was the fact that all the sweet were free!!!

What I'm wearing:
Maxi dress: river island
Wedges: Amazon
Cardigan: not to sure had it forever.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Body shop

I recently took a trip to the local body shop in my town, with my mum in search of some new cleansing items due to the fact that some of my previous items had run out. Anyway, we were pleasantly surprised to find a new tea tree skin care range in the shop, and so we went and bought a few bits and pieces. As most of you know tea tree is very good for your skin and also smells really good.

We bought (from left) tea tree blackhead ex foliating wash-£5.50 tea tree foaming cleanser-£7.00 tea tree night lotion-£8.00 tea tree skin clearing lotion-£7.00 and tea tree oil -£6.50. These items smell lovely and also make my face look cleaner a clearer than before. So I really suggest if you suffer from a spot prone skin to try these products out.

As you can tell not every cleansing item is there such as gel cleanser and toner, this is because I still have some of these items left from my previous cleansing set.

Due to the fact that we spent over a certain amount of money we had a free gift worth £21.00!!! We were given free mascara, a free pencil eye-liner and free cream eye make-up remover.
I haven't yet tried the eye-liner or eye make-up remover, but I have tried the mascara which was a bit disappointing, because I found it to be very clumpy and it kind of made my eyelashes look  all pushed together which did not look nice at all. However a friend of mine says that the body shop cream eye-make remover feels nice on the skin so I look forward to using that.