Friday, 14 February 2014

Face Masks

I love a good face masks, ever since I was about eleven I've used them, the one pound ones from Primark of course, the ones that went on like a gel and peeled of like glue (my favourite part). But now, I have grown my collection quite a bit and become more interested in there benefits. May interest grew, mainly because of the tantrums my skin likes to throw from time to time, and for those times I have my  three favourites.

The 'new face' face mask// Now I'm almost 100% sure that you've heard on this mask but if not its the, Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. This mask has a weird consistency  it resembles some sort of jam, which just feels wrong. It also has a slightly tingly feel to it, however not too much that it's unbearable. But the best thing about this mask is how it makes your skin look; brightened and basically like a 'new face'.

The hydrating face mask// Recently I have been ill, and my skin has decided to shrivel up, so I'm in need  of some serious hydration. This is where the Origins Drink up Intensive Overnight mask comes in handy. I use this about twice a week, depending on my skins needs. I use a generous amount all over my skin, and leave it on overnight, instead of any treatments or other moisturisers. It makes my skin feel plump and juicy-best feeling. 

The deep clean mask// The Super Facialist by Una Brennan Tea Flower Deep Clean mask, this one I like to use as a 'quick' fix, for when my skin is looking clogged and a bit too spotty for my liking. This makes my skin feel great straight after using it, so I love using it in the morning or before going out in the night. And plus its really affordable- Always a plus!

So there you have it my top three masks, any recommendations?