Thursday, 11 July 2013

Holiday treat

So recently I went on a little holiday treat with my friends (and my mum of course), to celebrate the end of our GCSE's and it was fabulous. We went to the lovely Greek island of Kos, it was incredibly hot and sunny, but I must say I have quite a decent tan (except for the bottom of my legs which are very patchy).  So here's a few pics from the holiday. 

We went on a lovely boat trip in the middle of the week, it was called the three island boat trip. The first  island we visited only had one house and one church, so there wasn't many things to do, however the church was very small and interesting and best of all we had the opportunity to jump into the transparent sea, which was incredible. The second island we went to, was famous for discovering sponges and also there famous cake (which was absolutely stunning). So the last island we visited was called Pserimos, Which was picture perfect filled with little greek houses and little stalls.