Sunday, 27 January 2013

My current perfume collection

Hey guys, so today I thought I would show you my current perfume collection.

Most of my perfumes are quite summery scents, but I don't really care I just wear the perfume that kind of goes with my feelings I'm not really one to change my scent according to the different seasons. I must warn you thought that I'm not the best at describing scents and this is only my personal opinion.


 The bottle is very funky and smell is very light and feminine, perfect for daytime shopping or going out! The scent last's hours on and I have had a few comments while wearing this perfume. The only negative to this perfume is that after a couple of hours it needs re-applying. Very summery scent.

Flower Bomb - Victor and Rolf:

I got this as a Christmas presents two Christmases ago and have loved it ever since. It is slightly pricey so It's definitely not any everyday scent but it is a very nice one. It is packaged in a lovely bottle and box, very prettty and girly. The scent is very light, florally and perfect for spring and both day and night. 

Butterfly - eau de toilette:

This perfume is a  great size for just whacking in your bag and is once again is a nice long lasting scent. I think it's supposed to be a dupe for Daisy by Marc Jacobs from the look of the bigger bottles of this. I think the best way I can describe this is fruity and fresh this is probably my most warn perfume recently.

Believe - Britney spears:

The stunning bottle and fantastic fragrance makes Believe a winner for me. This is one of the best Britney Spears perfumes. . Believe is not as sweet or intense as fantasy (other britney spears perfumes) and it has a spicy element to it. The lasting power of Believe is incredible it lasts almost all day long.
Ed Hardy - Love Kills Slowly:

This is one of my favorite perfumes! It's great for summer. The scent smells so fruity, fresh, and delicious. It would fit any type of bubbly personality perfectly. I just wish it had better staying power. I really like the package design, because it's real;y different to anyone I have as it's slightly more edgy

Jack wills - Hope Cove:

This is super handy for the handbag. It's quite a sophisticated smell so it's not a everyday smell but is perfect for a night out. The only problem with this is that is leaks like mad you have to keep it up straight.

Zara Textures - Water Lily Fragrance: 

This perfume is a lovely light, feminine and slightly musky scent, a lot of people say it’s an exact dupe for Miss Dior. Miss Dior according to the website  “glides from the sharp charm of a fresh, fruity, citrus prelude into blossoming floral notes, then on to the noble elegance of patchouli, before finally concluding with musk” I would agree to this for the Zara perfume. The lasting power of this is really good, almost as good as a higher end perfume. The packaging is pretty simple but it dose the job.

Have you used any of these perfumes? What's your favourite perfume?

Morgan xx